Connect Strava and

Fitbit to your

fundraising page

1. Linking with your fitness app is easiest done on a mobile so head to on your mobile device

2. Log in to your profile by clicking the green sillouette in the top right hand corner

3. Once you've logged into your page, tap your picture icon in the top right hand corner and select "My Fitness Activity" from the dropdown

4. Scroll down until you see the heading "Supported Fitness Apps"

5. Ensure your target distance is completed

6. Click on Fitbit or Strava (depending on the app that you use)

(NB: You can manually update any activity here also by clicking add activity)

6. This action will take you to the app's website and ask if you want to "Authorise Go The Distance to connect with [app]"

7. Tick the relevant boxes, click "Authorise" and there you have it! Your fitness activities will now show up on your Go The Distance fundraising page

NOTE: Allow up to 24 hours for an activity to show on your fundraising page. Occasionally there can be a delay.