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I’m Going The Distance to help patients with cancer at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

All these years later I’m still dependent on the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse cancer hospital to stay alive and to thrive. And I need motivation to get off my butt and keep moving. If exercise were a pill, we’d be paying a fortune for it, it’s so effective!  So, for exercise accountability and to give a little back to The Lifehouse, I’ll track every kilometre I do this August to reach my fundraising goal for the month.

Prepare to be astounded by my constant blow by blow updates! 😂 

And please make the pain (me: the thousands of steps, you: listening to me ranting on about the thousands of steps) worthwhile by making a donation. xxx

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Walking to the Lifehouse

Tuesday 8th Aug
This August I’m propelling myself around, so far by swimming and walking, in support of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse patients who collectively travel 380,000 kms every year for treatment. I’m lucky. I live a short walk away. Which is such a bonus with all the trips I do there- it’s my second home. Today I’m at the Lifehouse with friend and Walking On Air team-mate Celia, and my little dog of course.

Walk to the graveyard

Sunday 6th Aug
Sunday morning 6km walk with Sean and my little dog to a little old graveyard. It was consecrated in 1840 and operated until 1896. Touching as always to read the inscriptions on the old crumbling grave stones, a lot of love and appreciation in that respectful tradition. “Paupers” and those who committed suicide did not get any love though. 😢 (I do not want to die of bilious fever like they did back then!)

Got a 1km winter swim in today

Friday 4th Aug
Walked the dog this morning during my usual park walk with mothers group. 22 years we’ve been doing this! 

Then a one kilometre swim to Go the Distance in a different way. Surprisingly pleasant, and I would never think to do this if it want for this challenge. 

Then an after-work walk with friend Andrew who’s in my team. We chatted and walked, nice way to catch up. My dog liked it too. 

Coastal walk

Wednesday 2nd Aug
Walked an appreciative dog (mine) around the bay in Glebe in the morning, then walked along the coast after a NSW Uni appointment in the afternoon. Thinking of trying some laps to get some wet km too. Am I brave enough?

Day one

Tuesday 1st Aug
Day one of August’s Go the Distance. Took the dog for two walks and clocked up my kilometres with ease. Sat around for the rest of the day!

Went for a warm-up walk

Sunday 23rd Jul
A nice 8km bush walk with a friend and my dog. Warming the legs up for August’s Go The Distance. Did you know there’s an actual national park in the inner west?

Doing a warm up walk

Sunday 23rd Jul
Today I’m taking my dog and some friends on a warm-up walk for August’s Walking on Air fundraiser. 

Did you know there’s a National park in Sydney’s inner west? And dogs are welcome?

This bushland is home to an amazing grey-headed flying fox colony. 

The Inner West Council (as a part of the “Save Our Big Backyard” campaign) has nominated this beautiful mammal as a mascot to promote the need for strong nature laws and start the conversation on what we can do to protect locally endangered species.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Annie & Karl

You continue to inspire and act as a role model for others Val. Happy to support your sponsored walking.


Julie Mcgrath

Go girlfriend 💕



Go Val!!! You can do this!


Kasia Hans



Love your passion to help others, Val xx


Pauline Williams

Great idea - much love from Scotland Pauline and Allan


Sara Carroll

Keep it up and you’ll get to $1000.


Match Donation

Thank you for supporting Chris O'Brien Lifehouse.


Maria Beukers

Val, you are always going beyond the distance! Happy to support you again.


Match Donation

Thank you for supporting Chris O'Brien Lifehouse.


Sara Carroll


Carol Hannaford

Much loveVal!


Sarah Steen

Your an inspiration Val. Best of luck x



Amazing cause, Val!


Kirsten Brunner

Yay Val!! Thank you for your constant crusade to support those who take care of those who are living with cancer.


Kerrie Cant


Val Lehmann-monck


Nat Su



Go Val you little legend x