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I’m Going The Distance to help patients with cancer at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

I’m going to get moving and track every kilometre I walk, run, and bike this August to reach my goal for the month. I aim to complete 259km in total, which is equivalent to the distance from Orange to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, a real journey taken by some patients to receieve treatment. 

If you can, please help me reach my goal by making a donation, any amount will be appreciated. Our journey will help patients get through theirs.

With your support, together we can help raise vital funds for patients with cancer at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. I’m helping to reduce the journey from research findings to treatment options and the funds I raise will enable Chris O’Brien Lifehouse to reach more patients and provide access to the highest level of patient care.

This fundraiser is dedicated to my Dad who has undergone cancer treatment in the past and I hope this will help any patients and their families who are currently in the process. 

Thank you for your support!

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Little speedbump

Tuesday 2nd Aug
The first day of the fundraiser has officially come to a close and I logged a grand total of…. 0.43km. This wasn’t by choice as i’ve caught covid and had to rest in bed all day. So i’ve run into a little speedbump in the first section of this challenge but i’m even more motivated to make up all the km’s when i’m all better. This only makes the challenge a little more challenging but i’m feeling up to it! Thank you to all the support i’ve received so far. I’m so grateful to you all. 

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Arlene Turner

I’m so proud of you




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Shareen Mondala

Proud of u <3



ur a champ!! let me know if you want a walking buddy <3


Tara Turner


Tara Turner

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