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I'm going the distance to help cancer patients at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse!

I am raising money to help cancer patients at the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse by walking a certain amount of kilometres. I will be walking in honour of Anisa, my beloved Aunt who spent years fighting cancer yet was always devoted to helping the people around her. I know she will be walking next to me. 

Please help me reach my goal by making a donation! Anisa's gift to us was always great love and generosity, so I ask that you help me give a small part of that back; you will be helping to reduce the journey from research findings to treatment options, and the funds I raise will enable Chris O’Brien Lifehouse to reach more patients and provide access to higher patient care. 

Thank you for your support! 

مٹی کے بغیر کمل نہیں ہے۔

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Mum, Dad, Elliott And Kate

Well done Audrey! This is a wonderful cause and we’re so proud of you!


Match Donation

Thank you for supporting Chris O'Brien Lifehouse.


Jennifer Zulfiqar


Mariam Zulfiqar

Amazing that you are doing this! Thank you.


Rosanna Barbero


Fiona Hughes

Excellent work Audrey


Belinda, Tim, Rafi And Ilan

Go Audrey! A beautiful way to honour Anisa xx


David And Annabelle Chan

Well done, Audrey!



Well done Auds. xxx


Eszter J

What an amazing goal and cause Audrey, inspirational x


Damien Storer

Go Auds. Aunty Anisa would be mighty proud of you.


Mac And Chris Crabb

Good for you, Audrey.


Jamal Zulfiqar

This is so amazing Audrey.


Tom Crabb

Good luck Audrey xx Tommy & Karen


The Blakes

You go girl! We’re sure you’ll smash it. What a wonderful cause.


Clare Scobie

What a great cause. Go, Auds, go. 👍


Uncle Mark

For the Lifehouse and Anisa; all the best to you Audrey.

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